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November 28th, 2003

I give a hearty greeting to all who travel to this site on the World Wide Web! Ya ah t'eh!

Rainbow Walker is walking again. After many months of being offline due to our last server going bust, I have now made a new home and bring these pages again to the world community.

Currently living in Seattle Washington, I have been very busy these last two years working and doing music in the community. One of the highlights was being commissioned to compose a song for the Office of the Mayor of Seattle. It was a great honor and a wonderful project. Here is a link to the video done by Seattle Channel TV about the song, it's history and composition. It's called Mayor's Honor Song and you need the real player to view it. I am very proud to say the video has won a couple of awards and thanks to Seattle Channel TV, producer Peggy Lycett, and Michelle Sanidad of the United Indians of All Tribes who made the request for the song.

Also, I am currently serving as a Seattle Arts Commissioner and am probably one of the few, if ever traditional Native Musicians so appointed to a major city position. I am so proud to represent for our Native people in such a prestigious office.

My native music fusion ensemble Eagle's Jump is once again performing. I have teamed up with Seattle keyboardist Mark Cardenas to continue my development of this music genre. We perform native fusion featuring native vocals and flute combined with jazz, funk, rock and percussion. It is exciting and we hope to record this coming year. We are accepting bookings and you can email me for more info and a CD demo.

The White Eagle Singers are singing in the Seattle region, we have been supporting our community this past season singing at honorings, host drums, family funerals & memorials. As well as performing for Microsoft's Native American employee club. Email me as well to book us for your host drum.

Last year I was very excited to work with Annie Humphrey! We were both asked to record for an upcoming movie on Showtime. We had a good time in the studio here in Seattle. Annie's music and voice are stellar and it was so good to meet her and work with the composer, BC Smith. Here are some pix from the studio.

Arlie with Annie and my singing bro, Robert Charles at StudioX Seattle, WA

Arlie with BC Smith, soundtrack composer, StudioX Seattle, WA

And... many of you heard of the White Eagle Singers composing an honor song for the Piestewa Family at this years Gathering of Nations. What an honor! We are very proud to have been chosen and we hope this song brings healing, comfort and pride to her People.

Moenkopi ii dzaaz
It snowed in Moenkopi
Shush Asdzaan Naazbah
Bear Woman who Went to War
K'os Dine' eh
the Cloud People...
Naa daan dii glaah
took you back...
Moenkopi ii Dzaaz
It snowed in Moenkopi...

And finally on a side note, I am hosting a new radio program soon to be heard on National Public Radio, called Wisdom of the Elders. It is an exciting project and please tune in!

Okay, enough for now, see you on the Wowow Trail or at a performance,

For Beauty,

Arlie Neskahi


The following is from my last update and I received so many comments about it, I will leave it posted here a while longer...  

After my father's funeral last January, in Cortez, Colorado, my sister Cheryl, came to me and said she had something real important to tell me.  She said that in the week before my father's passing he was experiencing many visits, visions and dreams.  One thing he kept saying, she thought I ought to know.  He kept repeating...  

"There is a Movement coming, real soon, it is coming...  It is almost here... It will be real good for Native People, all the world will take notice.  It is coming, watch for it...  
And the way that it is going to happen is through Music."
My father's prophecy is blooming across the Land... All over the continent and the rest of the world our music is being experienced and shared.  It has taken five centuries of contact with people of other continents, but the Time Has Come.  We at Rainbow Walker are proud to be a part of this Vision.    

Thanks again for your beautiful support and love of Native Music. You too, can be a part of this Dream being Born...  

Walk In Beauty,  
Arlie Neskahi   



The border at left was the artwork of Roger Nez who let me scan, color and edit it for the WWW. It has the four sacred colors of our people, the Dine'. White for the Dawn, Blue for the Day, Yellow for the Evening, and Black for the Night. The blue and red lines symbolize the Rainbow, the Blue being the Male and the Red, Female. Within them lies the yellow Pollen Trail, the Sa'ah Naghei Bik'e Hozhooni, Trail of Old Age and Beauty. Along the Trail are the Sacred Mountains, home to our sacred Holy People.  

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