The White Eagle Singers

Arlie Neskahi
Lead Singer

Welcome to our page on the web! Enjoy our soundbites and see you on the Powwow Trail! When you see a White Eagle button, click on it for sound.

White Eagle Singers Host Drum for the Navajo Nation Fair Powwow, Sept 6-8, 2019!! A lifetime dream for Arlie Neskahi come true. He is so honored to bring his storied singing group to Window Rock, AZ, the Capitol of the Great Dine' Nation. There will be singers attending from the 70's, 80's and current White Eagles of today. So, we hope to see many of you our friends and relatives at the 74th Annual Navajo Nation Fair and Powwow.

Click here for soundbite of Straight at Ya! one of our fave songs to sing for the traditional dancers.

And here's another we call Slim John Special , dedicated to the late great Junior Slim John and all of our elder singers. "Thank you for keeping it strong for us!!!" This song belongs to the Slim John Family and is not to be sung without their permission.

We hope you enjoy our music and that our songs take you a little further down that Powwow Highway.  And to all the other singers...sing hard, sing strong, and LETíS MAKE THE PEOPLE DANCE!!!