The White Eagle Singers

Arlie Neskahi
Lead Singer

The White Eagle Singers are known as one of the finest Native Singing Groups and Host Drums in North America due to their solid style and knowledge of songs.  To inquire about booking them for a powwow, performance or other event, contact;

Arlie Neskahi, Hataalii Chee, Lead Singer; White Eagle Singers
(206)781-3855, email:

Current 2007 members include;
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Arlie Neskahi, Dine; lead singer
Mark Smith, Gros Ventre
Terrence Sabbas, Dine’
Ian La Fontaine, Turtle Mtn. Chippewa
Ryan Wilson, Lakota
Davis Curley, Dine’
Robert Charles, Kootenai

Original Drum made 1974 by the late Ted White Eagle, still has the original hide! Vee Whitehorse Ted Napoleon Ian La Fontaine Forrest Funmaker Davis Curley Arlie Neskahi; lead singer Mark Smith Terrence Sabbas
White Eagle Roll Call by decade...

The "Originals" 1974

Our first drum made by the late Ted White Eagle, Winnebago, whom my father asked for the right to use his family name for our group...

Late Allan Neskahi Jr., Dine', father of 7 boys
Late Alroy Neskahi, Dine'
Late Albert Neskahi, Dine'
Arthur Neskahi, Dine'
Late Andrew Neskahi, Dine'
Allen Carl Neskahi III, Dine'
Arlie Neskahi, Dine'
Aaron Neskahi, Dine'

Late 70's - Early 80's

College Days, hitchhiking from here to there just to sing...

Buddy Lopez, Ute
Rudy Shebala, Dine'
Alvin Young, Tewa
Luke Young, Tewa
Ross Denny, Lakota
Everett White, Dine' lead singer, Whitehorse Singers
Weenuche Williams, Northern Ute
Ron Lujan, Taos, percussion/vocalist for Robert Mirabal
Roderick Kaskalla, Zuni
Jake Moore, Assiniboine
Michael Toya, Jemez
Albert Chavez, Taos
Bernard Suina, Cochiti Pueblo
Larry Watchman, Dine'

The Eighties...

Taking the White Eagle sound to North America, back and forth to Canada many times... Composing some of the first Dine' powwow songs, making a little history...

Art Cleveland, Dine'
Jay Begaye, Dine', lead singer, Cathedral Lakes
Stewart Lynch, Dine'
Fred Yazzie, Dine'
Bill Sunrise, Dine'
Willie Selam, Yakima

The Nineties

Continuuing the singing tradition... the four ways of the White Eagle Singer;

Quality; dedicate yourself to learn and grow as a singer...

Emotion; put your heart into it! Let the People FEEL the song...

Spirit; Sing for the People! Give them Life, Hope, Joy and Happy, Happy Feet!!!

New Songs; Bring out new songs for the new vision and strength of the People!

Mark Smith, Gros Ventre, lead singer All Nations Jrs.
Robert Charles, Kootenai
Ryan Wilson, Lakota
Ted Napoleon, Lillooet
Ron Tso, Dine'
Bruce Baptiste, Okanogan
Dave Madera, Colville
Davis Curley, Dine’

Forrest Funmaker, Winnebago
Vee Whitehorse, Dine’

Terrance Sabbas
, Dine', lead singer, 206
Ian La Fontaine, Turtle Mtn. Chippewa