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I am starting a new page that will highlight new releases from your companies. This will be an excellent chance to showcase your product at one of the most highly traveled Native Music sites in the world! Since this is a cyber-store you can insure faster inclusion of your new products by sending me your promo materials in computer/internet ready formats. I will need the following:

  • A cut-and-paste ready promotional description about 3 paragraphs, include some info regarding the artist. Word or plain text format.
  • An edited .wav file, 45 sec's. or 300k max in 8 bit mono. Also acceptable is a real audio file under 200k. Or an URL to one that already resides on the net.
  • Color scans of the release cover and an artist/group photo, Cover needs to be 170X170 pixels and the group photo, no larger than 3X5 inches, both in .jpg format.
  • My sole distributor, Jim Bond, I.T., must be willing to stock your product before I can present it on my pages. Contact Mike Bond there to see if they will take it on, or whether they already carry your release. Make sure you send them some demos and a promo packet as well. They carry practically every independent in North America as well.
  • Jim Bond, I.T., Distributor
    35113 Brewster Road
    Lebanon, OR 97355
    (541)258-3645, fax(541)258-5167

  • Spoken Word, Storytelling, Videos, and Books on Native American Music welcome.
  • Must be performed by or in collaboration with a Native American, Alaskan Native or Canadian First Nations artist. Sorry, no wannabees... Include tribal heritage with descript, my customers prefer to know.
  • Make sure you send me a demo in CD format to the address below with your promotional packet. I will review it and maybe add it to my Hotlist Page, highlighting my choices for the finest in Native music.

How to get them to me

  • If the package is less than 350k, email it to me Arlie, at;
  • Use a file compression program like winzip or pkunzip to reduce the size, I can uncompress them here.


  • Contact me by email that you have a "cyber-promo" package(s).
  • I will return email you with a time (Pacific Daylight Time), and an IP address, to upload your package to my FTP server.
  • login:producer/password:promo
  • Create a folder with your company name and upload promo package there.
  • I will notify you of receipt by email, then post your new release on my page.


  • Mail the package or packages, if you have more than one, to me all on a zip disk, to the address below.
  • Is this all confusing? Don't worry, find a local internet guru to help you, these are pretty standard formats for html pages and file transfer techniques. I would be glad to train you or your staff at my standard computer consulting rates.

I hope this brings us all more business and greater exposure for this music...

Arlie Neskahi; owner
10110 19th Ave SE, I-104 Everett, WA 98208

Email me or call, if you have any questions or to discuss this in more detail.

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