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Arlie is Dine' (Navajo), born within the Dine' Nation of New Mexico. His Dine' name is Hataali Chee,"Red Singer", and his vocal and native flute music is noted for it's melodic and soulful style. He is well known throughout the Indian Nations for his performance, composition and knowledge of traditional music. Arlie has won many awards and has just completed his first solo release, Rain or Shine. His band, Songcatchers, album, Dreaming in Color was awarded the First Americans in the Arts; Outstanding Musical Achievement for 1994. His composition and performance, Round Dance, was featured on the 1995 Grammy Award winning Prayer for the Wild Things; by Paul Winter and the Earth Band. He started his own Internet music business; Rainbow Walker Music, in the winter of 1995. Currently he is working on producing Native Music concerts in the Pacific NW. He was selected to be the musical director for the new Oregon Trail Pageant play set for debut, summer 1998. He will be collaborating with the Portland Symphony this fall 1999.



Owner; Rainbow Walker Productions, 1995-present

An internet based business specializing in the sale, information, and promotion of North American Native Music through the World Wide Web. Built his own website from scratch and now has customers throughout the globe. Writes articles on history, traditions, and spirituality of Native Music. Provides technical assistance, soundtracks, and scores for recording, video, theatre and film projects. Identifies and locates Native Music talent for the same.

Portland Metro Artist and Teacher, 1995-present

Since moving to Portland in 1994, Arlie has been sharing his music and cultural knowledge with the local community and schools through performances, workshops and assemblies. His latest projects include;

Lead Singer 1974-present

White Eagle Singers, powwow singers for life. International native powwow singing champions, awards too numerous to list. Their music is heard all over North America, and they remain a strong influence in the creation and development of the Music of the Native People.

Composer/Musician 1991 - present

Songcatchers, a pop/rock and traditional band. A musical collaboration between Arlie Neskahi, Lara Lavi, Mark Cardenas and Charles Neville. Their debut album "Dreaming in Color" released summer of 1994 on A&M Records, has won numerous awards including the First American in the Arts; Outstanding Musical Achievement Award, 1994.

Recording Artist 1984 - present

Arlie has just completed his first solo release, Rain or Shine, Rainbow Walker Productions, 1999. With Canyon Records, Phoenix, AZ he has six albums of intertribal pow-wow music recorded. Round Dance, was featured on the Paul Winter & The Earth Band's, Prayer for the Wild Things. White Eagle Singers, Vol III chosen for the Library of Congress Preferred Listening List, 1988.

Composer/Musician 1990 – 1997

Musical Director 1987-89

American Indian Dance Theatre Company, New York City. Responsible for direction and performance of traditional music for dance production. Also was company lead singer and soloist. Toured Japan, Europe, Middle East, North Africa, and 2 US tours of the West and East Coasts.

Educator/Presenter 1980 - present

Universities and Colleges; Elementary and Secondary Schools; Teacher of traditional style, vocal coach, musical traditions; Conference and Banquet presentations; Multicultural educator and trainer


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